The Beginning of the "Everything You Need to Know" Blog

Hiya, welcome! If you're reading this, it likely means one of two things:

  1. You're returning to running after a hiatus—a break that's resulted in an extra 5 or more pounds around your waist, a demotivated attitude, and worn-out shoes. Perhaps you have kids who lovingly test your patience, or a partner who suggests hiking as a pastime.
  2. You're a fitness enthusiast who knows your ERG 500m time by heart. You can squat more than 1.5 times your body weight, yet running just 50 meters makes you feel as if the world's collapsing around you.

Whether you're conventionally fit or life's challenges have kept you from your routine, guess what? You're both in the same boat.

What boat are we both in?

It's the "my knees and back ache, and I yearn for the joy of running effortlessly, looking confident, and feeling fantastic" boat.

If you aspire to feel great, look sharp, enjoy running without it consuming your life, and still have the energy to outpace your overly energetic neighbor and make it to brunch, then this blog is tailored for you.

What can you expect here? And why should you trust my advice?

I'm a running coach who has trained a diverse range of runners and currently work in a graduate research lab at York University in Toronto, Canada. My primary interest lies in the intersection of cognition and movement. In simpler terms, I'm deeply invested in understanding the essence of graceful movement.

As an avid runner, I've observed that while there's a plethora of books and content available, very few are humorous, straightforward, and easy to apply.

Most importantly, I've come to realize that while many learn to ride bikes, use pogo sticks, swim, or drive cars, very few are taught the art of running with the same dedication.

That's fantastic, Anthony! You're truly remarkable. How do I dive in?

You'll find two main categories on this blog: the Movement Pattern section and the General Information section.

If you can't find what you're looking for, I'd be thrilled to hear from you. Subscribe to our Premium tier, and you'll have the opportunity to send me direct queries, which I'll personally address!